quinta-feira, 2 de dezembro de 2010

$47 per day? Screw that! How about $470? Money Extractor

You know what sucks? Spending all your time and energy getting traffic... and still not making any money.

You know what's cool? When you send a few measly visitors to a website and half of them buy your stuff without thinking.

Want to know the difference between the first scenario and the second one?

Well, it's simple psychology.

You don't need to pay some copywriter $10k to start making sales. You don't need to put a gun to anyone's head. You don't need to have some magical product that cures all the world's diseases.

In fact, when you get one piece of psychology working for you, it's easy to make a handful of sales every day... even with a tiny amount of traffic.
What if you could go from 1% conversions to 10% overnight. Just think... if you are only selling one copy of your $47 product per day, how would your life change if you could sell ten copies with the same amount of traffic?

Clearly, you don't need more traffic to make it online... you just need more sales.

I have seen people jump from $0 to $140 per day online, using one simple trick in their websites and sales letters.

The secret is... SCARCITY.

You see, there's something weird about the human mind. As soon as we see that something is going to be taken away from us, we suddenly want it more than ever before.
Retail stores, direct response marketers, infomercials... they all use scarcity like crazy. In fact, everything you've ever bought was sold to you with a certain sense of scarcity... your house, your car, your clothes. All scarcity.
But the problem is, until now, scarcity didn't work properly on the internet...
You see, most marketers who sell info products can't use scarcity, because technically, they have an unlimited supply of products, right? How can you say you're about to run out of copies when you're selling a digital product?
Well, that was a huge problem in the past, but not anymore...
Tomorrow I'm going to show you how to tap into this basic human desire and create drooling armies of unstoppable buyers... using scarcity in a totally new and ethical way.
This is perfect for information sellers who need to light a fire under their visitor's asses, and need to start making good money online right now.
The best part is, you don't need to change your product or sales page to increase your sales with this thing. It's a true copy and paste system for squeezing visitors into buyers without blinking.
No writing, no learning curves, no hassles. What I'm going to show you is a simple trick that is guaranteed to triple your sales overnight. You'll see why in tomorrow's email.

Stay tuned...

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